Little Texas Restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy original Tex-Mex food or to organize unique formal or informal events. Little Texas has two indoor restaurant spaces, decorated in an authentic American Style and an outdoor garden and terrace, with an exceptional view towards the city.

Our original Tex-Mex menu is made after authentic recipes, flavored with unique spices from America. The secret of the unique taste is the perfect combination of fresh vegetables, meat from the best producers and homemade bread, chips and tortilla.

Our homemade tortilla chips are lightly baked, so you can enjoy their unique taste, joined together into the most surprising combinations. Our freshly made Salsa sauce adds a magic flavor to our unique starters: Nachos, Rattlesnake Chips sau Poncho’s Pocket.

The lightly grilled tender meat, the fresh vegetables and the flavored sauces found their place right next to the fluffy home baked bread. Enjoy the authentic american taste in our star hamburger: Lone Star Hamburger, Benedict Burger sau Chicken Burger.

Every chicken, beef, pork or fish meat is slowly grilled or baked to perfection in the oven, keeping its unique taste and enriching its flavor with the special notes of original American spices. Taste some of our Little Texas specials:  Texas Tenderloin, Longhorn Platter, Winchester Chicken Fingers or Salmon Lorenzini.

Our Mexican specialties carry the symbol of a lightly grilled tortilla, creatively filled with marinated meat, vegetables, rice and covered with delicious, powerfully flavored sauces. Quesadillas, Fajita, Tacos si Burrito are just some of the mexican specialties from our menu.

The special ingredients of Little Texas sauces and dressings enrich and highlight in a special way the exceptional flavors of our authentic Tex-Mex dishes. The famous Salsa sauce, the creamy Ranch sauce or the exotic San Jacinto are the perfect pair for our Tex-Mex delights.

Last, but not least, the menu is not complete without our unique collection of American desserts. A blend of tastes, flavors, textures, colors and shapes, all designed to give addiction. At Little Texas, the authentic American deserts are a true joy, a delicious experience, that will make you always want to come back: Apple Pie, Brownie, Waffles, Donuts or Pancakes.

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